Sugar Industry

Minimum Wages in Sugar Industry in Punjab Region for the year 2012-13 as issued by the Punjab Government.

The Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary) June 26, 2012.


Applicable to workers employed in the Sugar Industry
Nomenclature Proposed minimum rates of wages
Per day for 8 working hours Per month for 26 days
Supervisory Wages left for mutual bargaining between the employers and workers
Chief Engineer
Cane Advisor
Cane Manager
Chief Chemist
Chief Accountant
Chief Engineer
Cane Procurement Manager
Cane Development
Deputy Geneal Manager
Factory Manager
General Manager
Manager Finance
Personnel Manager
Production Manger
Project Cane Manager
Sales Manager
Technical Manager
Accounts Officer
Administrative Officer
Cane Officer
Civil Engineer
Cane Procurement and Development Officer
Deputy Chief Accountant
Deputy Chief Engineer
Deouty Chief chemist
Electrical Engineer
Estate Officer
Head Pan Man/ Incharge
Deputy Cane Manager
Incharge Foreman
Laboratory Incharge
Welfare Officer
Liaison Officer
Lbour Welfare Officer
Laboratory Chemist
Officer on Special Duty
Purchase Officer
Program Officer
Public Relation Officer
Senior Engineer
Shift Engineer
Senior Chemist
Shift Chemist
Security Officer
Store Officer
Assistant Internal Auditor
Assistant Engineer
Confidential Secretary
Foreman/ Electrical Foreman/ Juice Foreman
Senior Office Superintendent
Senior Pan man/ Pan Boiler
Yard Superintendent
Assistant Security Officer
Assistant Welfare Officer
Assistant Store Officer
Assistant Accountant
Assistant Accountant (Cane)
Head Cashier
Circle Incharge/ Officer
Boiler Engineer 1st Class
Civil Overseer
Suprviaor all types
Cane Transport Officer
Cane Accountant
Incharge Transport
Senior Store Keeper
Pharmacist/ Senior Pharmacist
Field Inspector
Ministerial-A 418.40 10878/-
Accounts Assistant
Computer Operator
Assistant Overseer
Assistant Yard Superintendent
Colony Incharge
Head Assistant
Head Clerk
Senior Cashier
Head Time Keeper
Khatib Masjid
A.A./ Stenographer
Programme Assistant
Store Keeper
Senior Telephone Operator
Senior Dispenser
Senior Field Man (Cane)
Suga Godown Incharge
Senior Accounts Assistant
Senior Audit Assistant
Establishment Assistant
Office Assistant
Incharge Fair Price Shop
Incharge Petrol Pump
Yrd Shift Incharge
Assistant Field Inspector
General Duty Asistant
Ministerial-B 400.43 10411/-
Assistant Store Keeper
Assistant Gate Inspector
Cane Assistant
Purchase Assistant
Junior Draftsman
Field Assistant/ Field Assistant Cane
Cane Inspector
Farm Assistant
Godown Keeper
Field Man
Agriculture Assistant
Imam Masjid
Labour Assistant
Sales Man
Progress Assistant
Purchase Assistant
Senior Estate Clerk
Section Subedar
Senior Clerk/ Upper Division Clerk
Senior Accounts Clerk
Senior Typist
Senior Store man
Taccavi Assistant
Telephone Operator
Senior Time Keper
Wirless Operator
Yard Assistant
Record Keeper
Lady Teacher
Ministerial-C 383.07 9960/-
Time Keeper
Junior Clerk/ Clerk all types
Promoting Despatcher
Store Man
Highly Skilled-A 427.11 11105/--
Head Moulder
Head Turner
Head Welder
Head Winder
Head Riggar/ Khalasi Jamadar/ Senior Khalasi Instruments Technician
Instruments Technician
Laboratory & Instruments Technician
Laboratory Technician
Mechnic all types
Pattern Maker
Seionr Switch Board Operator
Senior Armature Winder
Senior Electrician/ Electric Incharge
Senior Fitter
Senior Turner
Senior Welder
Senior Motor Winder
Senior Black Smith
Senior Line Man
Senior Wireman
Senior Moulder
Senior Mate
W.B.F. Driller
Assistant Supervisor
Senior Carpenter
Assistant Foreman
Senior Shaper man
Pan Man
Pan Boiler
Highly Skilled-B 409.74 10653/-
Seionr Driver
Junior Instrument Technician
Assistnt Jamadar Khalasi/ Assistant Head Riggar
Boiler Attendant Class-I/ Boiler Operator Class-I
Lab. Analyst
Assistant Mechanic
Fire Man
Assistant Pan man/ Junior Pan man
Quad man
Skilled-A 400.43 10411/-
Assistant Fireman
Auto Electrician
Auto Fitter
Black Smith
Boiler Attendant Class-II/ Boiler Operator Class-II/Boiler Attendant
Diesel Fitter
Driver transport (Heavy)
Milling man
Pan Mate/ Juce Mate/ Carb Mate/ Press Mate/ LH Mate/ C.V.Mate/ Mate/ C.A.Mate/ R.F.A.Mate/ Iind Carb Mate
Rigger/ Khalasi
R.A.Field Cane
Shaper man
Switch Board Attendant/ Operator
Tin Smoth
Tractor Driver
Weight Bridge Fitter
Water Attemdamt
Senior Cook
Skilled-B 388.32 10096/-
Assistant Riggar/ Assistant Khalasi
Assistant Boiler Attendant
Boiler Attendant Class-III/ Boiler Operator Class-III
Junior Pan man
Crane Operator
Cable Jointer
Cane Carrier Operator
Feeding Jamadar/ Feeding Checker
Junior Welder
Junior Fitter
Junior Turner
Junior Milling Man
Junior Winder
Motor/Car/Jeep Driver
Turbine Driver/ Turbine Operator/ Junior Turbine Operator
Junior Electrician
Sew Man
Junior Mate all types
Lab. Assistant
Semi- Skilled-A 365.71 9509/-
Assistant Electrician
Electrical Attendant
Assistant Wireman
Assistant Fitter
Assistant Auto Fitter
Assistant Analyst
Assistant Air conditioner Fitter
Assistant Turbine Driver/ Assistant Turbine Operator
Assistant Turb Feed Pump Driver
Guard Attendant
Assistant Pluber
Assistant Winder
Assistant Mate
Assistant Moulder
Assistant Turner
Assistant Mason
Assistant Black Smith
Book Binder
Bag Sewing Machine Operator
Centrifugal Operator
Carb Attendant
Assistant Carpenter
Cane Cutter Attendant
Hammer man
Juice Attendant
Laboratory Points man
Oil Man
Pump Driver
Pan Attendant
Record Attendant
Serviceman Mechanical Transport
Tube well Driver/ Tube well Operator
Tandoor man
Tool Room Attendant
Assistant Welder
Assistant Driver
Spray man
Semi-Skilled-B 358.79 9329/-
Helper all types
Tea Man
Gate Keeper
Desptch Rider
Unskilled 346.23 9000/-
Coolie (all types)
Colony Guard
Dal Runner
Lab. Boy
Line Peon
Peon/ Naib Qasid
Sweeper/ Sanitary Worker
Water Carrier
Ward Boy
Miscellaneous-A 410.88 10683/-
Inspector Watch and Ward
Incharge Security Guard
Lady Health Visitor
Security Inspector
Sanitation Inspector
Miscellaneous-B-I 376.16 9780/-
Head Watchman
Head Sweeper
Head Peon/ Head Qasid/ Senior Qasid
Head Line Man
Head Mali
Security Jamadar
Security Man
Senior Mali
Security Guard
Sanitory Jamadar
Head Waiter
Senior Bearer
Senior Dak Runner
Assistant Security Inspector
Tailor Master/ Stitcher
Guest House Keeper
Miscellaneous-B-II 360.53 9374/-
Indent Distributor
Permit Distributor
Purzi Distributor
Moazzan/ Khadim Masjid
Senior Cooli
Senior Watchman