Health and Safety

Employer Cares

Chapter 3 of Factories Act makes it obligatory on the employer to provide for safe and healthy working environment to the workers. (Section 13-33Q)

Free Protection

No specific provision in the laws on provision of protective clothing, however Labour Protection Policy 2006 directs the enterprises to provide workers with protective clothing and equipment. In the same way, Factories Act, 1934 (section 23-A) provides for compulsory vaccination and inoculation of workers and expenses are to be borne by employer. 


In accordance with the Factories Act,  it is the responsibility of an employer to provide instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety at work of his employees. (Section 38)

Labour Inspection System

labour laws provides for an independent labour inspection system in the country. However, the inspection system is province based and there is no central inspection authority.