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How to negotiate your salary

Salary negotiation is usually sensitive but very important part of an interview: negotiation means discussion about an issue desired to reach some meaningful conclusion.

How to write a cover letter

The purpose of the cover letter is to persuade the employer to hire the person for a specific job.. The  key points that must be kept in mind while writing it and the mistakes to avoid. 

How to write a good CV

A good resume can help you secure an attractive job while a bad one can keep you in that undesired job or in the state of continued unemployment/underemployment. Tips and tricks to write a good CV: part I, part II.

The job interview

How to prepare, how to make a good first impression, what are the general possible interview questions and how to answer them? A guide to help you face a job interview. 

What interviewers look for

Hiring process involves many aspects during an interview through which interviewer judges about the potential of the candidate. Some of these are summarized in this page.