Brick Industry

Minimum Wages in Brick Industry in Punjab Region for the year 2012-13 as issued by the Punjab Government.

The Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary) June 26, 2012.


Applicable to workers employed in Brick Industry
Part-I    For Piece-rated workers
Nomenclature Proposed minimum rates of wages  
Pathaiwala/ Brick Layer (Ordinary Bricks) Rs. 665.76 per thousand bricks
Special Brick Layer Rs.787.64 per thousand bricks
Gutka Brick Layer
Tiles Layer
Nikasi Wala Rs.167.01 per thousand bricks
Donkey Man Rs. 216.65 per thousand bricks
Rehra Wala
 Par-II    For Time-rated workers
Nomenclature Proposed minimum rates of wages  
Per day for 8 working hours Per month for 26 days
Rs. Rs.
Munshi 434.03 11285/-
Highly Skilled    
Truck Driver/ Tractor Trolly Driver
Skilled 387.73 10081/-
Car Driver
Semi-Skilled 371.50 9659/-
Jalai Wala/ Bharai Wala
Kari Wala
Safai Wala
Coal Man
Tubewell Driver
Unskilled 346.23 9000/-
Watchman/ Mashki
Loader/ Unloader