Cinema Houses and Film Studios Industry

Applicable to workers employed in Cinema Houses and Film Studios Industry
  Approved minimum rates of wages per month for 26 days
Accountant Wages left for mutual bargaining between the employers and workers
Accounts Officer
Assistant Spinning Master
Assistant Dyeing Master
Assistant Sales Officer
Assistant Purchase Officer
Assistant Security Officer
Assistant Production coordinator
Assistant Store Officer
Assistant Cotton Purchase Officer
Assistant Labour Welfare Officer 
Assistant Mechanical Engineer 
Assistant Officer (not elsewhere classified)
Assistant Godown Officer 
Assistant Electrical Engineer
Accounts Supervisor 
Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing Superintendant
Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing Master
Boiler Engineer 01st Class 
Commercial Manager
Chief Accountant
Cost Accountant
Civil Engineer
Chief Artist/Chief designer
Cotton Officer
Costing Supervisor
Deputy Chief Accountant
Deputy General Manager
Electrical Engineer
Export Manager
Factory Manager
Finance Manager
Folding Master
General Manager
Head Jobber
Import Officer
Inspector Retail Stores
Junior Assistant Weaving master
Junior Assistant folding master
Labour Welfare Officer
Law Officer
Mills Manager
Manager Administration
Maintenance Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Officer
Personnel Manager
Purchase Manager
Production Incharge Spinning
Public Relations Officer
Production Incharge Weaving
Preparatory Incharge Weaving
Purchase Officer
Personnel & Adminsitration Officer
Printer (Printin Department)
Quality Control Officer
Record Officer
Sales Manager
Secretary Administration 
Spinning Master/Spinning Superintendant
Senior Accountant
Senior Assistant Spinning Master/Assistant Spinning Master/Deputy Master
Security Officer
Stores Officer
Senior Foreman
Senior Supervisor 
Supervisor (Not elsewhere classified)
Technical Assistant Maintenance
Time Officer
Incharge Cotton
Incharge Yarn Cell
Junior Assistant Spinning Master
Weaving Master
Workshop Foreman/Charge man
Teacher (B.Ed. Degree Holder)
Export Superintendant 14,444/-
personal Assistant
Coordinator Obsever 14,244/-
Cotton Classer
Godwon Supervisor
Head Cashier/Cashier Incharge
Head Time Keeper 
Senior Store Keeper
Teacher (Primary Teacher Certificate)
Manger Retail Stores
Imam Masjid
Office Supervisor
Office Assistant/Staff Assistant
Quality Assistant
Senior Clerk
Section Assistant
Senior Time Keeper
Steno typist
Store Keeper/Store Assistant
Teleprinter Operator/Telex Operator
Telephone Supervisor/Incharge PABX
X-Ray Assistant/X-Ray Technician
Lady Health Visitor
Assistant Supervisor (Not elsewhere classified) 13,842/-
Head Clerk
Key Punch Operator
Accounts Assistant
Assistant Supervisor Canteen 13,561/-
Head Typist
Incharge Cotton Receving 
Incharge Recruitment Labour Office
Incharge Workers Canteen
Incharge Fair Price Shop
Inspector Watch and Ward/Security
Teacher (Primary Teaching Certificate)
Manager Retail Stores
Imam Masjid
Office Supervisor
Office Assistant/Staff Assistant
Quality Assistant
Senior Clerk
Section Assistant
Senior Time Keeper
Steno typist
Store keeper/Store Assistant
Teleprinter Operator/Telex Operator
Telephone Supervisor/ Incharge PABX
X-Ray Assistant/X-Ray Technician
Lady Health Visitor
Assistant Store Keeper 13,040/-
Assistant Draughtman
Assistant Cashier
Assistant Auditor
Assistant Librarian
Adrema Operator
Assistant Key Punch Operator
Booking Man
Court Clerk
Clerk (Nost elsewhere classified)
Control Chart Observer
Dairy Clerk
Graph man
Godown Keeper
Mid wife/Die
Munshi (Matric)
Pick Efficiency Observer/Checker
Store Clerk
Sub-Inspector Watch and Ward
Sale Man Fair Price Shop/Retail Shop
Time Keeper
Telephone Operator
Warping Clerk
Waste Checker/Observer
Highly Skilled-A  
Assistant Printer 14,444/-
Assistant Foreman
Boiler Engineer II-Class
Eight Loom Weaver
Head Fitter All Sections
Head Over Hauler
Head Boiler Fitter
Head Assistant
Head Mechanic
Head Moulder
Head Carpenter
Head Screen Maker
Head Black Smith
Warp Repairer
Head Checker Reeling
Head Machinist
Four Sider (440-480 Spindles Frame)
Instructor Weaving
Line Jobber/Shift Jobber
Photographer, Engineering and Printing Department
Photographer Printing Department
Plate Cutter
Six Sider
Highly Skilled-B  
Assistant Supervisor 13,842/-
Boiler Operator Class-I
Boiler Operator Class-I
Beam Piecer/Piecer
Cot Grinder/Head Grinder
Checker Ring
Electroplating Mistry
Four Sider (400 Spindles Frame)
Four Tenter Simplex
Head Tin Smith/Senior Tin Smith
Head Armature Winder/Head Motor Winder
Head Checker Weaving
Head Switch Board Attendant
Head Dye Maker
Head Turner/Senior Turner
Head Weldor
Head Mason
Head Roller Coverer
Head Sizer
Head Doffer
Head Piecer
Head Bobbin Shifter
Instructor Ring
Jobber (Not elsewhere classified)
Milling Man/Miller
Mechanic (Not elsewhere classified)
Over hauler/Mistri
Pattern maker
Pump Mechanic/Refrigeration Mechanic
Six Looms Weaver
Senior Electrician/Head Electrician
Slay Maker
Trainee Supervisor
Uster Operator
Works Mistri
Weaving Jamadar
Armature Winder/Motor Winder 13,561/-
Auto Electrician
Air Condition Plant Operator
Assistant Jobber
Assistant Machanic
Assistant over hauler
Auto Coner Winder
Black Smith
Band Saw Operator
Boiler Attendant Class-II
Boiler Operator Class-II
Colour Mixer
Comber Tenter (Hi-Speed Machines)
Chemical Testing Man
Cone Winder/Cheese Winder/Spooler Winder
Drawer "A" Grade
Pressure Jigger Machine Operator
Fitter All Types
Four Loom Weaver
Double Drawing Tenter (Hi-Speed)
Flat Grinder
Final Checker/Damage Reporter/Head Checker
Grinder/Grinding Machine Operator/Top Roller Grinder
Heavy Transport Driver
Head Tester
Head Cook
Line Man(H-P Electricity Department)
Laboratory Technician
Lap Tester
Loading Incharge
Loom Tuner
Polisher/Polish and Varnish Machine Man
Pim Winder-A Grade
Roller Coverer
Senior Roller Attendant
Shaper Man/Planner
Sub-Station Operator
Three Sider
Three Simplex Tenter
Turbine Driver
Tin Smith
Waste Testing man
Wood Turner
Warper (High Speed)
Yarn Testing Man
Comber Tenter (Hi-Speed Machines) 13,441/-
Drawing and Slubbing Tenter
Double Tenter Simplex
Double Sider
Single Piecer Wash Plant
Twisting Doubler / Doubler
Aijing Machine Man 13,240/-
Assistant Laboratory Technician
Assistant Refrigerator Machine
Back Printing Machine Operator
Bentle Plant Operator
Bale Operator
Boiler Attendant Class-III/Fireman Boiler/Boiler Operator Class-III
Clandering Machine Operator
Creeler (High Speed)
Calvano Machine Operator
Continuous Dyeing Plant Operator
Cobbler/Belt Maker/Head Belt Maker
Cut Looker
Card Tenter
Double Drawing Tenter
Driver Transport Light Vehicles
Dye Padder Machine Man
Double Lap Former Tenter
Drilling Man
Drawing Tenter (Conventional)
Drawer "B" Grade
Export Checker
Engine Driver
Flat Cutter
Hot Flue Operator
Head Trolly Man
Incharge Fire Brigade/Fire Leader/Senior Fire Leader/Head Fire Man
Junior Electrician
Jet Stenter Machine man
Kuster Squeesing Machine man
Lift Truck Driver
Machine Man (Not elsewhere classified)
Monofrizing Machine  man
Mercerising Machine man
Needle Man/ Needle Boy
Operator Drawer in Knitting Machine
Open Width Washing Machine man
Open Width Bleaching Operator
Operator Dyeing Range
Operator Steaming Plant
Polishing Machine Operator
Padding Operator
Pim Winder-B Grade
Piece Checker
Rotatory Operator
Reed Repairer
Reeler "B" Grade
Rope Washing Operator
Raising Machine man
Single Simplex Tenter
Stencil Cutter
Stenter Machine man/Stenter Machine Operator
Sonforising Machine man
Shearing Machine Operator
Singeing Machine Operator
Soaper Machine Operator
Screen Operator
Stitching Machine Operator
Sample Checker
Sample Cutter
Senior Checker
Senior Operator Knitting Machine
Switch Board Attendant
Senior Oil Man
Two Looms Towel Weaver
Telephone Repairer
Water Mangle Machine man
Warptying Machine Man
Wireless Operator
Winder "B" Grade
Wire Man Grade-I
Weft Sider
Warper Conventional
Leather man
Mixing Checker
Assistant Armature Winder/Assistant Motor Winder 12,678/-
Assistant Air-conditioning Plant Attendant/ Assisant Air-Conditioning Plant Operator
Assistant Soaper Man
Assistant Black Smith
Assistant Boiler Attendant 
Assistant Beam Piecer
Assistant Colour Mixer
Assistant Carpenter
Assistant Continuous Dyeing Plant Operator
Assistant Drilling man
Assistant Electrician
Assistant Fitter
Assistant Grindind Machine Operator
Assistant Jet machine Operator
Assistant Machine Man (Ager)
Assistant Machine Man back Printing
Assistant Mason
Assistant Mixer
Assistant Milling man
Assistant Mercerising Machine Man
Assistant Moulder
Assistant Monofrising Machine man
Assitant Operator Softening Plant
Assistant Open Width machine man
Assistant Operator (including Assistant Rope Washing Operator and Assistant Band Saw Operator)
Assitant Pattern Maker
Assistant Painter
Assistant Shearing Machine man
Assitant Shaper man
Assistant Sienging Machine man
Assistant Sonforising machine man
Assistant Tin Smith
Assistant Turner
Assistant Welder
Assistant Warper
Assistant Winder
Assistant Roller Coverer
Assistant Padder Machine man
Assistant Water Mangle Machine man
Assistant Stenter Machine man
Assistant Kuster Sqeezing Machine man
Back Sizer/Assitant Sizer
Crushing Machine man
Bentler Plant Checker
Bentler Soaper Checker
Backing Machine Operator
Bundler (Reeling/Tola (Reeling)
Cloth Inspector/Cloth Checker
Cone Checker
Chemical Mixer
Comber man
Cloth Cutter
Caustic Soda Dissolving man
Condenser Attendant
Card Doffer/lap man
Creeler (Conventional)
Damping Machine man
Drawing Range Checker man
Dobby Assistant Fitter
Folding Checker
Creeler Motion Attendant
Folding Machine man/Folder
Fire man, (Foundry)
Fire man, (Boiler)
Frame man
Head Bobbin boy
Hammer man
Jigger Operator
Lapper/lap man
Lot Stamping Checker
Laboratory Attendant/ Laboratory Boy
Mercerising Checker
Oil Man All Categories
Operator Uniconer
Printing Soaper Checker
Printing Machine Checker
Picker Tenter (Two Machines/Double Scutcher Man/Scutcher Man)
Pressman Folding/Bundle Pressman
Picking Man
Reed Man
Roving Tenter
Ribbon Tenter
Ribbon Fixer
Rivet Maker
Rag Checker
Single Sider
Shuttle Repairer
Senior Operator Knitting Machine
Stamper Folding
Size Mixer
Screen Retoucher
Selvedge printing Machine man
Screen Head Mixer
Single Machine Checker
Store Man
Store Maker
Sticker Man
Stationary Engine Driver
Touching Man
Two Loom Weaver
Tailing Boy
Wide Scutcher Machine man
Wide Width Padder Machine man
Water Mangle Checker
Warping Operator/Warping Boy
Yardage Checker
Helper Weaver
Checker Roller Coverer
Assistant Size Mixer 12,438/-
Assistant Cook
Assistant tape man
Bobbin Shifter/Bobbin Boy-Cum Bobbin Fixer
Card Boader Cutter
Cut piece Checker
Cellophene Wrapper/ Wrapper (Reeling)
Calender Stitcher
Cone Packer / Cone Marker / Number Marker
Cotton Mixer
Dise Attendant / Humidity Attendant
Exhaust Man
Fear Knaught Tenter
Helper Roller Coverer 
Helper to Fitter / Turner / Welder / Moulder / Electrician / Shaper man / Tin Smith
Head Cleaner
Head Wrapper
Jamadar including Quarter jamadar
Kier Man
Opener Tenter
Pump Attendant power House
Press Operator
Stain Remover
Sales Man Canteen
Softener Attendant
Store Jamadar
Store Boy
Senior Bobbin Carrier
Tube well Driver Water-supply / Tube well Operator
Tape man / Apprenman
Thread Cutter
Thread Ball Cutter
Thread Ball Maker
Twisting operator
Willow man
Willow Man
Wire Heald Sorter
Hand Folder
Bobbin Sorter 12,000/-
Bobbin Carrier
Bobbin Cleaner
Back Stitcher
Bleaching Issuer
Bale Stamper
Bamboo Cutter
Cooloe (Not elsewhere classified)
Condition man
Cop Filler
Cloth Carrier
Cotton Feeder
Combing Man
Cloth Lifter
Card Feeder
Cotton Cleaner
Cycle Stand Attendant
Cleaner (Not elsewhere classified)
Cone Carrier
Can Carrier
Club Attendant
Domestic Servant
Floor Cleaner/Dropper man
Cola Boy
Grey Cloth Carrier 
Godown Boy
Helper (Not elsewhere classified)
Hessian Cloth Cutter
Iron Hoop Cutter
Lot Stamper
Piece Carrier
Paper Wrapper Boy
Press Worker
Roof Cleaner
Rag Sorter
Roll Picker
Service Boy
Sorter/Cut Piece Sorter
Trolly man
Tape Wala
Waste Picker
Waste Opener
Waste Sorter
Waste Man
Water Carrier
Ward Boy
Weigh man Scale
Wrapping Boy / Wrapper
Zap man
Assistant Frame Man
Beam Carrier
Yarn Man
Sanitory Inspector / Incharge Sanitaries 14,244/-
Clinical Orderly 13,040/-
Head Peon
Head Jamadar
Head mali
Head Gardner
marker (Sports)
Moazzan mosque
Mudarras/Book Binder
Sanitation Jamadar
Saleman karyana (Under Matric)
Shop Attendant
Sewer man
Tea Man
Tola (Fair price shop)
Head Watchman
Chowkidar 12,438/-
Fireman (Fire Fighter)
Gate Keeper/Guard man
Reading Man/Meter Reader
Sepoy Watch & Ward
Security Guard/Watchman