Pakistan Labour Report

Pakistan Labour Reports brings you daily news on the latest happenings in Pakistan Labour Market. Get daily news on:


What is service Pakistan Labour Report Service about:

The service provides you with reliable and analytical coverage of labour laws, case laws i.e. court decisions and country wide labour related news.

What does it offer:

It provides you with

  • The up to date labour legislation and case laws in the country.
  • All the Governmental reports, statistics relating to labor and employment issues
  • Labour related news and developments country wide
  • International Reports on Pakistan relating to the labour and employment issues
  • In essence, you get there is to know about the functioning of labour market in Pakistan

Whether you are a lawyer, a researcher, a government institution or a civil society organization wanting to monitor the compliance of national labour laws and international labour standards, a manager or a student of industrial and labour relations, you will find Pakistan Labour Report equally helpful.

Format and Frequency of Reports

Pakistan Labour Report is updated weekly (Wednesdays).

Pakistan Labour Report section conceptualized by Iftikhar Ahmad, member team.


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