Sports Goods Industry

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Minimum Wages for Punjab w.e.f 2011


Scheduled EmploymentCategory of workersMinimum wages per dayMinimum wages per month
per day for 8 working hoursper month for 26 working days
Sports Goods Industry Supervisory Wages left tor mutual bargaining between the employers and workers
Ministerial-A 324 8424
Ministerial-B 304.19 7909
Ministerial-C 292.5 7605
Highly Skilled-A 324 8424
Skilled-A 304.19 7909
Skilled -B 297 7722
Semi-Skilled-A 279 7254
Semi-Skilled-B 274.5 7137
Unskilled 269.23 7000


Source: Labour & Human Resource Department, Government of Punjab

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