Brick Klin Industry

Check Wages in Brick Kiln Industries Workers. Know more about Minimum Wages in Brick Kiln Industry in Pakistan. Get information about how much wages brick kiln workers get in Pakistan.

Minimum Wages for Sindh w.e.f 2011

Sr.NoOccupation / TradeProposed Minimum Rates Of Wages Inclusive Of Statutory / Non Statutory Allowances / Payments
Per Month For 26 Working DaysPer Day 8 Hours Working
1. Ministry 8166 314
2. Munhshi 7466 287
3. Jalaie Wala / Fireman / Kari Wala
4. Chowkidar 7000 269.23
5. Loader / Unloader
Piece Rated Workers
1. Kacha Brick Maker / Kalbi Rs,336 per thousand brick, Provided that monthly wages should not be less than Rs,7500/-
2. Sathori Wala Rs,269 per thousand bricks, Provided that monthly wage should not be less than Rs,7000/-
3. Jalaie Wala
4. Donkey man Rs,269 per thousand brick s, Provided that monthly wage should not be less than Rs,7000/-
5. Nikasi Wala
6. Kariwala
7. Bharaiwala

Source:The Sindh Government Gazette published dec 30 2010


Minimum Wages for Punjab w.e.f 2011


Scheduled EmploymentCategory of workersMinimum wages per dayMinimum wages per month
per day for 8 working boursper month for 26 working days
Brick Kiln Industry Part I For Piece-rated workers
Pathaiwala/Brick Layer (Ordinary Bricks) Rs. 517,70 per thousand bricks
Special Brick Layer - Rs, 612.4 7 per thousand bricks
Nikasi Wala Rs. 129.87 per thousand bricks
Donkey man Rs. 168.47 per thousand bricks
Part II For Time-rated workers
Highly Skilled 373.5 9711
Skilled 301.5 7839
Semi-Skilled 288.88 7511
Unskilled 269.23 7000


Source: Labour & Human Resource Department, Government of Punjab.

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