No. F. 41-42/2011-PSB (Admn)

Dated: 17th September, 2012


1. This Memorandum of Settlement under Section 49 IRA-2012 is made on 18th September, 2012 between Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad hereinafter called management of Board and the All Pakistan Sports Board Employees Union (CBA), Islamabad (Industry wise Trade Union) hereinafter called Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) in the establishment of Pakistan Sports Board. This 4th Memorandum of Settlement shall be effective from 1st July, 2012 unless otherwise specific and shall continue to be in force and binding on the parties for a period of two years.

2. In pursuance of office order No.F.41-2/2012-PSB(Admn) dated 14th June, 2012 the meeting of the committee constituted for the negotiation with CBA Union on 4th Charter of Demands were held 12th July, 26th July, 10th, 13th & 17th September, 2012 in PSB Committee Room. The following negotiation team of Management Side and the Representatives of CBA attended the meeting: -


i) Syed Habib Shah - Sr. Instructor

ii) Agha Amjadullah - DDG(Facilities)

iii) Mr. Raza Din Wazir - Director (E&C)

iv) Mr. M. Azam Dar - Director (NF)

v) Mr. Abdul Rashid - Project Officer

vi) Mr. M. Ismail Sheikh - Audit Officer


i) Mr. M. Akram Bhatti - Secretary General

ii) Ch. Nadeem Ahmed - President

iii) Mr. Ghulam Rasool - Chairman

iv) Mr. Muhammad Usman - Deputy Secretary General

v) Mr. Farman Khan - Finance Secretary

vi) Mr. Ijaz Ahmed - Executive Member

vii) Mr. M. Khalid, - Supdt. Member General Body

3. Whereas the PSB Employees Union (CBA), Islamabad (Industry wise Trade Union) in the establishment of PSB had put 4th Charter of Demands dated 25.09.2011 to the PSB Management which was discussed bilaterally by the negotiation teams nominated by both sides and comments on each item of the demand was prepared/considered and finally as per bilateral negotiations, a Memorandum of Settlement has been arrived at in the following manners: -


Item No. 1 & 2

It has been mutually agreed that status-quo will be maintained in respect of demands accepted in pervious Memorandums of Settlement as under: -

i) No.F.41-28/2003-PSB (Admn) dated 8th March, 2003

ii) No.F.41-28/2006-PSB (Admn) dated 21st April, 2006

iii) No.F.41-42/2012-PSB (Admn) dated 6th February, 2010

The agreed demands which were from time to time revised in subsequent settlement will be binding on both parties.


Item No. 3

in 3rd Memorandum of Settlement a committee under the Chairmanship of DG, PSB was constituted to purchase the land around Islamabad/Rawalpindi for residential housing scheme (Sports Valley) on ownership basis for the PSB employees. The committee will propose procedure/criteria for purchase of land/plot, survey the area/land and investment of fund and submit its recommendations/feasibility report to DG, PSB within two months. The committee has prepared rules/policy for placing before Executive Committee for its approval. For further necessary action the committee is reconstituted is as under: -

i) Audit/Accounts Officer - Member

ii) Secretary General/President - Member

Item No. 4

a) It has been agreed that rate of membership free Swimming Pool & other facilities provided by PSB and its subordinate offices should be increased 3-times and to discourage the culture of free membership. In this regard a new policy will be introduce shortly in consultation with the concerned wing furthermore, membership fees be increased 10% on annual basis.

b) It has been agreed that two new Swimming Pools will be constructed in PSB premises to provide additional membership facilities and to increase the income resources of PSB, subject to completion of all codal formalities relating to development projects. P&D Section of PSB will take necessary step to formulate the project.

c) It has been agreed that during the functions of different private organization parking fee for private vehicles should be charged @ Rs. 20 & Rs. 10 per vehicle and motorcycle respectively with the coordination and cooperation of Facilities Wing. The income would be transferred to PSB A/c. The policy/rules in this regard will be formulated shorty with cooperation of Facilities Wing.

d) It has been agreed that agreement would be signed with different national and multinational companies for increasing PSB Facilities on sponsorship basis. It has also been agreed that Multimedia/Commercial Sign Boards etc. will be allowed subject to N.O.C by CDA. The policy/rules in this regard will be formulated shortly with cooperation of Facilities Wing.

e & f) not agreed.

g) It has been agreed that the area of previous Nursery will be converted in Children Park for developing Kid's sports activities. The maintenance charges/wages of staff would be charged through entry fees to run activities smoothly. The policy/rules in this will be formulated shortly with cooperation of Facilities Wing.

h) It has been agreed that Snooker Hall will be opened for membership of Snooker players. The terms & conditions will be formulated within the lines of membership policy adopted at swimming pools.


Item No. 5

It has been agreed that following allowances would be paid/increased to the employees of different cadres according to their services/nature of duties at the following rates: -

a) The rate of Computer Allowance has been increased from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 750/- per month. The Computer Operator-cum-Assistant will also be entitled to Computer and File Maintenance/Handling Allowance at prescribed rates on existing terms and conditions.

b) Pool Cleaners, Welder & Electrician-cum-plumber will also be entitled to Risk Allowance @ Rs. 500/- p.m. on existing terms and conditions.

c) The rate of Heat Allowance admissible to Assistant Cooks, Cooks and Tandoorchies will be enhanced from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 300/- p.m.

d) The rate of Special Overtime Allowance is entitled from Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 2500/- p.m. admissible to following cadres in PSB Hostels i.e. Waiter, Dishwasher, Tandoorchi, Missalchi, Cook, Helper, Assistant Cook, Cook, Caretaker, Assistant Superintendent Hostel & Superintendent Hostel.

e) Dropped

f) The Store Staff i.e. Storeman, Storekeeper, Sr. Storekeeper will be entitled to Store Maintenance Allowance @ Rs. 300/- p.m.

g) On the written request of concerned employees working in BPS 11-16 to Federal Minster for IPC, the case for payment of rental ceiling with salary is under process in the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. The Management's Negotiation Team did not agree due to prevailing constraints. The demand will be reconsidered in next Financial Year.

However, it has been agreed that House Requisition Facility should be provided to maximum number of employees working in BPS 11 to 16 every year as per budget provision. The seniority list will be strictly followed and no special case will be entertained in future. In this regard, upto-date seniority lists will be prepared by Administration Wing within one month and circulated with a copy to Secretary General, CBA.

Item No. 6

a) With a view to provide better medical treatment facility to PSB employees, it has been agreed that to constitute committee with following composition to thoroughly examine the engagement on PSB panel of Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, C.M.H Rawalpindi, Al-Shifa Eye Trust, Rawalpindi. Engagement of a Gynecologist and Dentist at different places of twin cities and engagement of a Medical Care Centre & Medical Store at Bhara Kahu, Islamabad: -

a) DG (Tech&Trg) - Chairman

b) DDG (R&T) - Member

c) Director (NF) - Member

d) Secretary General/

President - Member

The Committee will survey and collect rate lists and give its recommendations within a period of one month. The committee will also examine the utility of engagement of two medical laboratories at the same place and the anomaly in medical ceiling of employees appointed during 2000 to 2007 and those who were appointed after 01-07-2007.

b) It has been agreed that in case of Emergency/for medical treatment and to carry dead bodies, Ambulance Service shall be provided to PSB employees and their heirs on payment basis at the prescribed rates of the relevant vehicles. The Ambulance will be provided immediately on receipt of request and formal approval of the competent authority shall be obtained later.

c) It has been agreed that uniform to Para-Medical Staff of PSB i.e. Lab Technician, Dispenser working in Rehabilitation Centre would be provided once a year in the month of July/August on department's cost. Specification of the uniforms will be recommended by DDG(R&T).

e) Dropped.

Item No. 7

a) It has been agreed that the Seniority of Plumbing/Pipe Fitting Staff will be combined and a post of Foreman (Plumber/Pipe Fitter) BPS-15 will be created by upgradation of one of the existing posts alongwith the incumbent.

b&c) It has been agreed in principle, that the posts of Mali, Groundman, N/Qasid, Sanitary Staff, Lab Attended, Waiter, Missalchi, Fire Fighting Staff and Store Cadre will be upgraded as per criteria enclosed at Annex-A. A committee will be constituted by the DG, PSB for examination and recommendation for approval of competent authority. Furthermore, a proposal for up-gradation of the posts of Jr. Coaches will be initiated by Administration Wing.

d) The posts of Stenotypist in BPS-14 and Stenographer in BPS-16 has already upgraded in pursuance of Government Policy. New posts of Stenographer would be created according to the strength of officers in BPS-19 & 20 and will be filled by promotion of existing Stenotypist.

Item No. 8


Item No. 9

In pursuance of previous Memorandum of Settlement/Demands of CBA the number of employees performing on Hajj every year at PSB's expense was increased from 3 to 4 in current financial year. It has been agreed that one more employee upto BPS-16 will be included for Hajj in next financial year 2013-14.

Item No. 10

It has been agreed that 15% annual increase in cost of Liveries to entitled employees be given for three years as under: -

S. No. Cost of Liveries per year Percentage Annual Increase Cost of Liveries Per Year Cost of Liveries Per Season
01 3000 15% 450 3450 1725
02 3450 15% 518 3968 1984
03 3968 15% 595 4563 2282
This policy will be re-examined after every three years.

Immediate Officers will be responsible to ensure wearing of uniforms/Name badge by their subordinate staff.

Item No. 11

It has been agreed that all officials/officers upto BPS-19 working on the same post would be internally transferred after completion of three year period as per policy of Federal Government.

Item No. 12

It has been agreed that the deceased employee's son/daughter appointment under Prime Minister's Death Package be employed on regular basis or in case of non-availability of a regular vacancy, be appointed on contract basis for two years and be regularized on completion of two years contract service. The sons/daughters of PSB's retired employees should be engaged on daily wages basis without any discrimination on the recommendation of CBS subject to fulfillment of required qualification.

Item No. 13

It has been agreed that the cope with prevailing situation and to provide Financial Assistance caused due to natural calamities i.e. Heavy Rains, Floods, Earthquake etc. Death Grant to legal heirs on death of an employee during the service an Emergency Fund should be raised under the administrative control of PSB Employees Union (CBA). PSB Employees Union (CBA) will frame policy/rules for generation of Emergency fund and for its utilization. The Board will deduct the amount from Salaries/Honorarium after receipt of willingness of employees through Secretary General and the amount so recovered be sent to PSB Employees Union Emergency Fund A/c.

Item No. 14

The management team did not agree with the demand for opening a Middle School within premises of PSB.

Item No. 15

It has been agreed that the posts of lying vacant in PSB in all grades should not be filled by deputationists in future by protecting due interest of PSB employees. The existing deputationists in all grades should be repatriated to their parent departments.

Item No. 16

PSB employees are receiving the following benefits under Prime Minister's Death Package: -

BPS Amount
1-4 Rs. 200,000
5-10 Rs. 300,000
11-15 Rs. 400,000
16-17 Rs. 500,000
18-19 Rs. 800,000
20 & above Rs. 1,000,000

It has been agreed that a case will be placed before Executive Committee for increasing Financial Assistance under Prime Minister's Death Package in case of target killing by terrorism and Security Related Death as under: -

BPS Amount
1-4 Rs. 300,000
5-10 Rs. 400,000
11-15 Rs. 600,000
16-17 Rs. 700,000
18-19 Rs. 1,000,000
20 & above Rs. 12,000,000

Item No. 17

It has been agreed that Shuttle Service from PSB office to Aabpara Bus stop for coming and outgoing employees shall be provided during rain and very hot season etc. subject to availability of a vehicle.

Item No. 18

It has been agreed that new Service Cards shall be issued to PSB employees including following data: -

i) Name of Ministry

ii) Date of Birth

iii) Blood Group

iv) Medical Code Number

v) Cell No. etc.

Item No. 19

It has been agreed that rate of food and conveyance charges admissible to the employees performing duties during Eid holidays be enhanced from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/- per head in addition to overtime on performing extra duties from normal shift duties hours.

Item No. 20

The management team did not agree with the demand for providing vehicles to PSB Coaching Centre's employees on different occasions.

Item No. 21

a) Dropped

b) The vehicle under the use of Secretary General (CBA) is not in well condition and mostly remain out of order. It has been agreed that vehicle No. GB-969 (Suzuki China Double Cabin) will be included in the auction list and in its place a new vehicle having more capacity will be purchased after completion of all codal formalities, after lifting of ban by the Government. In case the existing vehicle become out of order or is auctioned during this period, another vehicle will be provided in its replacement.

Item No. 22

The matter regarding payment of Education Grant equal to one month's running basis pay was discussed and kept pending. The demand will be considered in next Financial Year.

Item No. 23

It has been agreed that Charcoal Allowance (in lieu of physical supply/provision of Charcoal) to the employees (viz Security Guard/Chowkidar, N/Qasid/other class-iv employees and tubewell/pump operator) working in PSB Coaching Quetta shall be paid during the winter season from 15th November to 15th March every year @ Rs. 6000/- per month as admissible to employees of Baluchistan Government.

Item No. 24

In pursuance of decision taken in 72nd meeting of PSB Executive Committee and on request of CBA the probation period of P&D Staff has already been terminated vide Office order No. F.41-2/2012-PSB (Admn) date 6th September, 2012.

Item No. 25

The Federal Minister/President, PSB has constituted a committee for up-gradation of Accounts Cadre, which is examining the case. Recommendation of PSB for up-gradations have already been forwarded to the committee which would be adopted after approval of PSB Executive Committee.

Item No. 26


Item No. 27

It has been agreed that two posts of Assistant Superintendent Hostel BPS-11 at PSB Coaching Centre Karachi & Quetta should be created and be filled by promotion of existing Care Takers. The case for up-gradation of Superintendent Hostel as Assistant Director (Hostel) should be separately initiated by Administration Wing to give equal benefit to employees of Coaching Centre Quetta & Karachi.

Item No. 28

The matter was discussed regarding increase in File Maintenance/Handing Allowance. The said allowance is part of 3rd Memorandum of Settlement which is under ratification. The case of increase in File Maintenance/Handing Allowance would be re-considered after its ratification from PSB Executive Committee.

4. It has been decided that the items No. (i.e. 1,2,3,4, 6(a&b),7,9,11,12,13,15,17,18,19,21(b) & 27) of Charter of Demand agreed to in shape of the Memorandum of Settlement within the powers of DG, PSB duly signed by the negotiation teams will be implemented immediately after approval of DG, PSB. However, the Items No. (i.e. 5(a,b,c,d,f), 6(c), 10,16,23,& 26) which required approval of the Executive Committee of the Board will be forwarded approval of the Federal Minister for IPC/President, PSB and subsequently be placed before the forthcoming meeting of the Executive Committee for its ratification.



i) (Syed Habib Shah)

Sr. Instructor

ii) (Agha Amjadullah)

DDG (Facilities)

iii) (Raza Din Wazir)

Director (E&C)

iv) (M. Azam Dar)

Director (NF)

v) (Abdul Rashid)

Project Officer

vi) (M. Ismail Sheikh)

Audit Officer

vii) (Muhammad Khalid)

Supdt. General Body Member


i) (M. Akram Bhatti)

Secretary General

ii) (Ch. Nadeem Ahmed)


iii) (Ghulam Rasool)


iv) (Muhammad Usman)

Deputy Secretary General

v) (Farman Khan)

Finance Secretary

vi)(Ijaz Ahmed)

Executive Member


(Syed Amir Hamza Gillani)

Director General, PSB


Memorandum of Settlement between All Pakistan Sports Board Employees Union (CBA) and Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad - 2012

Start date: → 2012-07-01
End date: → 2014-06-30
Ratified by: → Other
Ratified on: → 2012-09-18
Name industry: → Entertainment, culture, sports
Name industry: → Activities of sport clubs
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Pakistan Sports Board
Names trade unions: →  All Pakistan Sports Board Employees Union


Trial period duration: → Not specified days
Part-time workers excluded from any provision: → No
Provisions about temporary workers: → No
Apprentices excluded from any provision: → No
Minijobs/student jobs excluded from any provision: → No