Well drillers and borers and related workers


  • Dismantling, moving and assembling drilling rigs and auxiliary equipment
  • Assembling and dismantling pipes, casings and drill heads, and replacing dysfunctional equipment
  • Operating controls to lower and raise drill pipes and casings in and out of wells, regulate pressure in the well and control the speed of tools
  • Preparing drilling fluid and checking the operation of pumps to ensure adequate circulation of fluid in drill pipes and wells
  • Monitoring gauges and other indicators, listening to equipment to detect malfunctions and unusual well conditions, and determining the need to change drilling or equipment
  • Maintaining, adjusting, repairing and cleaning drilling rigs, hoisting and other machinery
  • Maintaining records of drilling and servicing operations
  • Operating machines and tools to extract dust, cuttings and lost and broken drilling equipment from holes and wells
  • Closing and sealing wells no longer in use
  • Supervising and train crew members

    Skill level