Incinerator and water treatment plant operators


  • Operating and monitoring computerized control systems, machinery and related equipment in wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, and liquid waste plants to regulate flow, treatment and disposal of sewage and wastes, and in water filtration and treatment plants to regulate the treatment and distribution of water for human consumption and for later disposal into natural water systems
  • Controlling the operation of multiple-hearth incinerator furnaces and related equipment to burn sludge and solid waste in waste treatment plants
  • Inspecting equipment and monitoring operating conditions, meters, filters, chlorinators, and gauges in central control room to determine load requirements, to verify that flows, pressures, and temperatures are within specification, and to detect malfunctions
  • Monitoring and adjusting controls of auxiliary equipment, such as exhaust emissions, scrubbers, and incinerator heat recovery units
  • Collecting and testing water and sewage samples for chemical and bacterial content, using test equipment and colour analysis standards
  • Analyzing test results to make adjustments to plant equipment and systems to disinfect and deodorize water and other liquids
  • Performing security and safety checks in plant and on grounds
  • Completing and maintaining plant logs and reports

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