Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials


  • Spinning and dyeing with natural dyestuffs, wool, cotton and other fibres
  • Lace-making and weaving, knitting, or embroidering various garments and articles for household use
  • Preparing and dyeing hides with natural dyestuffs and making traditional footwear or handbags, belts and other accessories
  • Spinning and winding yarn by hand
  • Drawing warp threads into loom by hand
  • Weaving plain or figured cloth, tapestry, lace, carpet or other fabrics on hand looms
  • Making carpets by using a knotting technique
  • Knitting garments and other articles on hand-operated machine or by hand
  • Crocheting or making braid by hand
  • Making nets by hand
  • Grading and classifying natural textile fibres
  • Washing wool fibres
  • Cleaning and fluffing textile fibres
  • Forming fibres into sliver, combing them, combining sliver into sliver laps or forming sliver into rove

    Skill level