Salary Check

Do you earn enough? Do you earn the right amount for the job that you do?  In three steps you can compare your salary with your colleagues.


  • 12 September 2019 -  The precedent set by the Ali Enterprises fire has not been paid attention to. Laborers are still working in sub par conditions. The fire should have called for stricter safety measures but little has changed in Pakistan. Check the Minimum Wages
  • 2nd September 2019 - The People’s Labour Union addressed Prime Minister Imran Khan over the sacking of over 1200 workers from Rehman Cotton Mills in Takht Bhai. They alleged that this was part of a conspiracy to deny workers their rights and rehire them on a contractual basis which would deprive them of their Labour Welfare Fund.  Check the law.
  • 27 August 2019 - The Sindh Women Agriculture Workers’ Act has been approved by the Sindh Cabinet and is for the benefit of women workers, especially in rural areas. It guarantees them rights pertaining to matters of contracts, leaves, finances, and welfare. The law is expected to pass and the Pakistani federal and provincial governments are urged to follow this lead. Check trade union rights.