Salary Juan Carlos I

  • Former King - Spain (Retired)
  • Born: 1938 Italy
  • Annual: Rs34,017,464.00
  • Monthly: Rs2,834,788.67
  • Weekly: Rs654,182.00
  • Daily: Rs130,836.40
Juan Carlos I Jan 2020: El Rey emérito seguirá cobrando la asignación de 16.186 euros brutos al mes mientras no haya nuevos PGE.
ElConfidential Sep 2018: Salary 194,232 euros March 2017: salary reached 189,228 euros
Telegraph Feb. 2015: the retired king will receive 80 percent of the amount that King Felipe VI earns. King Felipe VI took a pay cut of 20%, that lowers the salary of Juan Carlos to 187,356.
FinancialTimes Feb. 2014: salary of 140,519 this year


Update: 2020-3