Provincial Labor Laws after 18th Constitutional Amendment - October 18, 2011

According to experts, after the 18th amendment to the Constitution that has devolved the subject of labor to provinces, at least 130 laws relating to labor have been affected and no serious steps are being taken by the provinces to bring new and reformed legislation. Moreover, no serious homework was done before this amendment to the Constitution therefore this constitutional amendment will not bring the promised benefits of devolution.

Sindh is still in the process of making proposals for reforming labor law while Punjab has enacted an industrial relations act, which allegedly has many anti-labor provisions. Government, while devolving labor ministry under the 18th amendment, has formed a new Human Resource Development Ministry with functions similar to its predecessor. The Government claims that the role of new ministry and Central labor advisor wing would be to ensure that provincial labor legislation is in accordance with the international labor standards ratified by Pakistan.

Source: Published in Pakistan Today, October 18th, 2011.