Anti-Labor Regimes - October 31, 2011

A recent study has shows that it is just an illusion that Pakistan People’s Party, the incumbent, has great sympathy for working class however no law has been formulated/amended by the rulers favoring the working class during the current regime (2008 to date). The PPP leaders and workers used to bash the earlier regimes (PMN-N rule in 1997-99 and Musharraf regime from 1999-2008) as anti-labor regimes. For example, the current government has not repealed section 27-B of Banking Companies Ordinance. Government has not taken any serious steps for bringing the laws into conformity with international labor standards. The 18th Constitutional amendement, supposed to give provincial autonomy, had hurt workers as Government had done it without doing the necessary homework. Moreover, the federal government had retained the lucrative bodies like EOBI and WWF at central level and has also created a new HRD ministry dealing with subjects already transferred to provinces and other divisions. As contract workers are not allowed to join unions, the only way to expand union base is through formation of sectoral unions. Due to the anti-labor regimes and restricted space for union work, unionization level has decreased to 1.5% of industrial workforce.

Source: Published in The News, October 31st, 2011