Denial of Statutory benefits to the Informalised Work Force - November 20, 2011

Millions of workers are classified as informal sector workers despite the fact that they are skilled. These include the temporary, contract and agricultural workers. Employers, especially the shops, restaurants, home-based factories, looms, don’t registers their workers with legal bodies in order to avoid the responsibility to make social security contributions. The country’s labor force is divided into certain major sectors however fisheries, brick kilns and Agriculture (the largest employer of labor force) sectors are part of the informal sectors where workers have no rights other than the so-called constitutional ones. Only recently have the brick kilns been registered under the Factories Act 1934. Similarly, textile sector, once the stronghold of unions, is now dominated by small and medium enterprises (which don’t register their workers) while large factories are run by the contract workers.

Source: Published in The News, November 20th, 2011