Implementation of Sexual Harassment Law - July 07, 2011

National Implementation Watch Committee (NIWC), created to ensure effective implementation of law, has reported that both public and private sector organizations have failed to provide compliance reports on sexual harassment at workplace law. Among these organizations are Army, Judiciary, many government departments and major media groups.

These organizations have not submitted compliance reports on sexual harassment law because sexual harassment is considered a low priority issue. It is a low priority issue because people consider it as vanity or indulgence of women who, according to some, invite the attention and sexual advances. Some people also think that sexual harassment law is a trap which scheming women may use to exploit men on flimsy charges. Former President Pervez Musharraf had used the same reasoning when he said that women in Pakistan cry rape to get travel visas to developed countries.

Source: July07, 2011 "Working against all odds"