Available Occupations for Eunuchs - October 27, 2011

In a couple of different news stories on eunuchs, it has been emphasized that the only occupations available for eunuchs in the country have become begging and sex work. During the daytime, they beg while at night, most of them are involved in the sex work. Although homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan, people treat eunuchs as sexual objects and according to a eunuch “every eunuch is involved in sex work”. Supreme Court, earlier this year, had directed NADRA to issue identity cards to eunuch, after their medical check-up, with a specific gender category of Khwaja-Sira instead of male or female. Supreme Court, in its judgement, also have eunuchs the right to vote and inheritance. Eunuchs were also hired by the Punjab Government during the current polio vaccination drive.

Source: Published in Pakistan Today, October 27th, 2011