NAVTEC Trains 47000 Unskilled Youth - May 3, 2011

Government is planning to provide training and skills to 47000 unemployed and unskilled young people. This will not increase employment of youth at home but also abroad and will help in decreasing our unemployment rate.

The National Vocational and Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC) is planning to train 47,765 unemployed young people under “President’s Fanni Maharat Programme”. This Programme will be carried out over next two and a half years and will cost PKR1.17 billion. NAVTEC will also establish vocational training centers in 79 uncovered Tehsils of four provinces, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan, as no centers were established there before. Under the President’s Fanni Maharat Programme, more than 17000 unskilled youth has been trained while around 7000 are under training. This program would not only provide skills to unemployed youth but will also provide jobs to these jobless young people. This program will increase our own GDP, employment of unemployed youth at home and abroad, which will increase foreign remittances for Pakistan

Source: The News May 5, 2011 "Navtec to train 47,765 unskilled young people"