Lack of Skilled Human Resources - August 7, 2011

Entrepreneurs, especially the overseas Pakistanis, consider lack of skilled human resources as the major impediment in investment here in Pakistan. TEVTA’s former chaiman is also of the view that even during the current economic crisis, job are still available for skilled manpower and nearly 60 percent of the unemployed are actually illiterate. The low skill profile of Pakistani workforce is evident from the fact that only 33.3% of the workers have 1 year of schooling while 70% workers have average eight years of schooling. What Pakistan actually lacks is qualified manpower.

According to the current Chairman TEVTA, the authority is working to create skilled workforce for all the sectors of economy and that it enrolls around 110,000 to 120,000 students every year. While the demand of skilled workers is over 1 million every year, only 300,000 skilled technical graduates pass out every year from all the technical training institutes in Pakistan. Another important point, made by an exporter, is that the workforce produced by our technical institutes is not of high quality and most of the graduates are low skilled workers.

Source: Published in The News International, August 07, 2011