Increased Employment for Women and Handicapped in Textile Sector - November 26, 2011

Ministry of Textile Industry has recently signed an MoU with Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) and Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) to augment the employment of females and disabled in the textile sector.

The Ministry is encouraging the employment of women and handicapped by bearing the two regulatory costs, namely the EOBI and Social Security Contributions for these two groups. Ministry of Textile Industry will reimburse this cost to the mill owners. The cumulative amount, incurred by the textile industry on payment of contributions for women and disabled workers, for the last two years is around PKR 1 billion. By taking this step, Government is hoping that it would increase employment prospects of both groups in the textile sector which contributes 8% to the GDP of the country, employs 40% of the industrial workforce and accounts of nearly 60% of our exports. It is important to remember here that for one workers, the statutory contribution for EOBI and Social Security is around PKR850 per month.

Source: Published in The Pak Observer, November 26th, 2011