Employment Quota for Persons with Disabilities - August 8, 2011

Although the Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance 1981, applicable both to the public and private sectors, requires an employer, employing over hundred persons in a year, to reserve two percent quota for persons with disabilities, this law is flouted with impunity and these people are unable to find any gainful and decent employment. In fact the law requires only reservation of one percent quota for persons with disabilities however government had issued an administrative order (and not a statutory amendment) in 1998 which requires these establishment to reserve two percent quota; a fundamental for non-compliance with the law. A large majority of manufacturers in industrial city of Pakistan i.e. Faislabad are not complying with this order. While it is usually the mandate of labour department to implement these laws, however this law has to be implemented by the Social Welfare Department, which has been quite unsuccessful in its implementation. There is a way around this reservation of quota requirement. Those industries, where work is of such nature that persons with disabilities can’t be hired, the employers are required to provide funds to the social welfare department, which then distributes to those persons who are unable to get jobs. The main reason for non-implementation of this law is the petty penalty that an employer is required to pay, if not complying with the law, which is maximum Rs. 1,000 and in case of non-payment an additional fine of Rs. 10 per day is levied against the offending employer.

Source: Published in The Express Tribune, August 8th, 2011