Under and Read with section 2(xxv) & 42(2) of Industrial

Relations Act. 2008

FOR THE PERIOD 25-09-2008 to 25-09-2010

Name of Parties:

1. Lucky Textile Mills, having its Head Office at L-8, Block-21. F.B Industrial Area, Karachi, hereinafter referred to as “ the Employer” (which expression wherever the context. So admits shall mean and include its successors and assigns)


2. Lucky Textile Mills Behbood-e-Madoor Union, an Industrywise Registered Trade Union having Registration Certificate No. 09/2008 and certified as CBA by the NIRC vide CBA Certificate No. 14/2008 dated 18th day of September 2008 having its Office at House No. 416. Gulzar Colony, Sector 8-E, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, hereinafter referred to as “the CBA” (which expression wherever the context so admits shall include its successors, assigns and all permanent workman in actual employment or to be employed by the Employer)

Negotiating Teams

Representing the Employer

1. Lt. Col. (R) M. Baseer Khan T.Bt. - (General Manager Admin.)

2. Mr Imamuddin Chandio - (Admin Officer)

3. Mr. Abdul Rauf - (Admin Officer)

Representing the CBA

1. Mr. Sirajuddin - (President)

2. Mr. Muhammad Saleen - (General Secretary)

3. Muhammad Imran - (Joint Secretary)

Short Recital of the Case

WHEREAS the CBA had served a Charter of Demands dated 25-09-2008 u/s. 42 (1) of IRA 2008, which is annexed hereto and marked as Annexure A:

AND WHEREAS Bilateral Negotiations were held between the parties on

AND WHEREAS the CBA pleaded inflation and rise in the cost of living as justification for their Charter of Demands;

It is also considered necessary to bring on record that the overall Package Settlement on both the aforesaid Charter of Demands has been reached keeping in view of inflation and in the cost of living, rationalization of facilities, copping off hidden costs and the assurance given to the Employer that the workers shall work with more devotion and commitment and shall enhance their productivity;

AND WHEREAS after detailed deliberations and exhaustive discussion and negotiations, the Bank and the CBA have arrived at a Settlement being in full and final settlement of all the Demands contained in the aforesaid Charter of Demands, which is noted as settled against each of the Deemand:

Terms of the Settlemetn:

1. Loan:

On merits

2. Grants.

To the workers drawing salary upto Rs. 10,000/- Or case of children marriages / emergency etc.

3. Advance Salary

In emergency one month salary. Normally 25% or on merit.

4. Performance Allowance.

Fixed/ on merit on monthly basis

5. Medical Treatment.

Workers not covered under SESSI shall be extended Medical treatment by the company

6. Cash Awards.

Against targets of production / quality on monthly basis to set by the concerned Production Incharge/Manager

7. Rise in Salary of Weavers:

w.e.f 01-01-2009 in addition to the enhancement announced by the Govt. Rs. 325/pd (9750/pm)

8. Coaches / Buses to Pick n Drop.

Apparel Department F.B. Area LTM/II = 5 × Coaches

Stitching LTM-IV= 3 × Coaches

9. Free Rations in the Month of Ramzan.

All workers drawing Salary up to Rs. 10,000/- are issued with a Ration Bag full of all grocery needs. Even other needy workers requests shall be entertained.

10. Free Afftar / Dinner

All workers are served afftar & Dinner during the month of In RamzanRamzan

11. Meal-

Discounted50% Discount prices on meal for all workers in the factory Canteen.

12. Relaxation on Duty Timings.

15 minutes relaxation for coming late on duty.


1. It is hereby agreed that the Terms of this Memorandum of Settlement shall effective for Two Year i.e, from 25-09-2008 to 25-09-2010.

2. It is also agreed that during the operation of the Settlement, Lucky Textile Mills Behbood-e-Madoor Union and/or any succeeding/other CBA shall raise any demand(S), financial or otherwise, on the Employer.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties above named have signed thus Memorandum of Settlement at Karachi, on 8th day of October 2008.


Memorandum of Settlement between Lucky Textile Mills and Lucky Textile Mills Behbood-e-Madoor Union - 2008

Start date: → 2008-09-25
End date: → 2010-09-25
Ratified by: → Other
Ratified on: → 2008-09-25
Name industry: → Manufacturing
Name industry: → Manufacture of textiles
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Lucky Textile Mills 
Names trade unions: →  Lucky Textile Mills Behbood-E-Madoor Union


Wages determined by means of pay scales: → No
Adjustment for rising costs of living: → 

Wage increase

Wage increase: → PKR 325.0

Once only extra payment

Once only extra payment due to company performance: → No

Meal vouchers

Meal vouchers provided: → Yes
Meal allowances provided: → No
Free legal assistance: → No