1. M/s. Hamsons Industries (Landhi Unit)

Bin Qasim, Landhi, Karachi

2. Hamsons Industries (Landhi Unit) workers Union (C.B.A)

Plot No. 903, 4/3, No. 1, First Floor, Hussainabad, Karachi

Representing Employer

1. Mr. Shamsuduha - Factory Manager

2. Mr. Saleem Bojani - Administrator Manager

Representing Employees

1. Mr. Tasleem S/o Abdul Sattar - President

2. Mr. M. Iqbal S/o M. Esmail - Vice President

3. Mr. Amir S/o Ghulam Muhammad - General Secretary

4. Mr. M. Salman S/o M. Naseem Khan - Joint Secretary

5. Mr. Akhtar Abbas S/o Sultan - Treasurer

6. Mr. Waseem Akhtar S/o M. Saleem - Propaganda Secretary

7. Mr. Arshad S/o M. Sadiq - Office Secretary

8. Mr. Rashid S/o M. Rafique - Asstt: Office Secretary


THE General Secretary of Homsons Industries (Landhi Unit) Workers Union in the capacity of Collective Bargaining Agent for all the Workers in the province of Sindh and Punjab, had served a charter of demand dated 19th March, 2012 under Section 35 of the Industrial Relation Act, 2012.

That since Hamsons Industries had been declared as Collective Bargaining Unit by the Chairman N.I.R.C (RITU) for all the Factories situated at Bin Qasim Landhi, Karachi and the other Factory situated at Plot No. 54-B, Sector 28, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi and sale office situated at 246-H, Margazar Colony, Multan Road, Lahore. Hence, negotiation between parties took place and after several joint meeting of the parties the following agreement has been arrived at:-



That the Management in anticipation of net profit for the year ended on 31st December, 2011 has agreed to give one month wages as Profit Bonus under Standing Order 10-C to all those permanent Workers of the two factories mentioned above and the sale office at Lahore, who have completed one-year continuous Service to their credit and are on the roll of the Company on the day the settlement is signed. That those permanent Workers who have less than once year continuous service but more than three-month continuous service to their credit on December 31st, 2011 will be given the aforesaid Profit Bonus on prorate basis.


That similarly the management has also agreed to give Profit Bonus under Standing Order 10(C) equal to one month wages to all those permanent workers who will be on the pay roll of the company on 31st December, 2012 and who have completed one-year continuous service to their credit and are on the pay roll of the company at that time i.e. on December 31st, 2012.


That those permanent workers who have less than one-year but more than three-month continuous services to their credit on 31st December, 2012 will be given the aforesaid Profit Bonus on pro-rata basis, provide they are on the pay roll of the company at the time when the Profit Bonus is declared.


That the aforesaid Profit Bonus is in full and final of the bonus under Standing Order 10-C of the Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Order) Ordinance, 1968 for the year 31st December, 2011 and 31st December, 2012 respectively.


That the C.B.A/ workers shall not demand any further Bonus whatsoever for the year ended 31st December, 2011 and 31st December, 2012 respectively.


That the Management has agreed to provide Iftar to the workers in the month of Ramzan.


That the Management has agreed to continue to give the following leaves with pay in a year.

a) Annual leave: 14 days Annual Leave will be given to all those Permanent workers who have completed one-year continuous Service to their Credit.

b) 10 days Casual Leaves in a Calendar Year.

c) 08 days Sick Leave in a Calendar Year.

d) Festival Holiday: According to Sindh Government Gazette Notification under Factories Act, 1934.


That the Management has agreed that the increment will be given to the workers keeping in view their efficiency, output and discipline of the past. However, this is the sole discretion of the Management and shall not be agitated at any stage in future.


That the C.B.A/workers and management has agreed that the retirement age of the Male workers will be 60 years and 55 for Female workers and those workers who are unfit as per Doctor Certificate would be retired and will be given one-month Notice or pay in lieu thereof.


That the Management has provided Eating Place in both the factories units for having lunch by the workers who shall bring lunch from their home as they like to prefer to have the home food.


That on the demand of the C.B.A union the management has agreed to have Provident Fund Scheme in lieu of gratuity w.e.f. January, 2012.


That rest of the demands contained in the Demand Notice dated 19.3.2012 has been withdrawn by the C.B.A unconditionally.


That this Settlement shall come into operation on the date it is signed and will be binding both the Parties upto 31st December, 2013.


That the C.B.A/workers have agreed not to raise any financial or non-financial demand involving financial implications upon the management of those above two factories and Sales Offices at Lahore as mentioned above, during the period of this Agreement i.e. up to 31st December, 2013.


That the C.B.A/workers have agreed that they shall maintain discipline in the factories and will keep the same neat and tidy and shall maintain discipline and will not resort to any strike or go-slow in any manner whatsoever.



Dated: 11th April, 2012

Memorandum of Agreement between Hamsons Industries (Landhi Unit) and Hamsons Industries (Landhi Unit) Workers Union - 2012

Start date: → 2012-01-01
End date: → 2013-12-31
Ratified by: → Other
Ratified on: → 2012-04-11
Name industry: → Manufacturing
Name industry: → Manufacture of textiles
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Hamsons Industries (Landhi Unit)
Names trade unions: → 


Maximum days for paid sickness leave: → 8 days
Provisions regarding return to work after long-term illness, e.g. cancer treatment: → No
Paid menstruation leave: → No
Pay in case of disability due to work accident: → No


Job security after maternity leave: → 
Prohibition of discrimination related to maternity: → 
Prohibition to oblige pregnant or breastfeeding workers to perform dangerous or unhealthy work: → 
Workplace risk assessment on the safety and health of pregnant or nursing women: → 
Availability of alternatives to dangerous or unhealthy work for pregnant or breastfeeding workers: → 
Time off for prenatal medical examinations: → 
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before regularising non-standard workers: → 
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before promotion: → 
Facilities for nursing mothers: → No
Employer-provided childcare facilities: → No
Employer-subsidized childcare facilities: → No
Monetary tuition/subsidy for children's education: → No
Paid leave per year in case of caring for relatives: → 10 days
Leave duration in days in case of death of a relative: → 10 days


Paid annual leave: → 14.0 days
Paid annual leave: → 2.0 weeks
Paid bank holidays: → 
Provisions on flexible work arrangements: → No


Wages determined by means of pay scales: → No
Adjustment for rising costs of living: → 

Once only extra payment

Once only extra payment due to company performance: → Yes

Meal vouchers

Meal allowances provided: → 
Free legal assistance: →